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Top 5 Best Hindi Blogger In India 2020


A lot of people will be asking you how much we can earn by starting Hindi blogging, here I have talked about some bloggers so that you will know that we should start Q blogger in our local language and what are its benefits.

You must have heard and skim about many businesses, entrepreneurs who start businesses and earn money. Maybe it inspires you or not, but if you're curious about a Hindi blogger or blogging, then am getting to tell you a few blogger whose blogging story you'll fill a replacement enthusiasm in you and you'll be inspired by them. along side this, you'll also become motivate.

1. HindiMe (Hindi blog)

Founder / Owner - Chandan (founder), Prabhanjan (Co), Sabina (Co)

Started In Year - February 2016 is a purely technical blog, whose basic objective is to try as much as possible to make India a digital country.  And making our people's lives easier with the help of technology. This blog mainly gives information about new technological updates.  Its biggest achievement is how to make people understand these difficult terms in very easy language.

Topics Covered - Latest Tech Information, Blogging, SEO, Money Making, Inspiration, Education

Income Source - Adsense

Alexa Rank - 890

2. MyBigGuide

Founder / Owner - Abhimanyu Bharadwaj

Started In Year - June 2014

The founder of Blog is Abhimanyu Bharadwaj. This is a blog that provides all the information related to technology. The best part of this blog is that it has many computer related courses which are very beneficial for the students. Their series of videos are very informative.

Topics Covered - Computer Guides, Tech Information

Income Source - Blog Ads

Alexa Rank - 14,589

3. Computer Hindi Notes (Learn about Computer in Hindi)

Founder / Owner - Ashish Vishwakarma

Started In Year - June 2017 is a website whose aim is to provide Valuable Computer Skill to the people.  They provide all information related to Computer Courses such as DCA, PGDCA in Hindi.  Explaining something in a very good way is a big achievement.

Topics Covered - Computer Courses

Income Source - Adsense

Alexa Rank - 6,529

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4. My Hindi

Founder / Owner - Nilesh Verma

Started In Year - August 2013

Nilesh Verma is the founder of the blog.  MyHindi has only one objective - to provide new information to as many people as possible, in this website the details of any topic will be given, so that people can learn something and apply in life.

Topics Covered - Blogging, SEO, Social Media, the Internet, Money Making

Income Source - Adsense

Alexa Rank - 32,336

5. Techyukti is the founder of this blog Satish Kushwaha, the motive behind his opening of this blog has been how to give technical knowledge to people in easy language.  They also have a YouTube channel together.  With this, he has contributed a lot in the Hindi Blogging world.

Founder / Owner - Satish Kushwaha

Started In Year - January 2016

Topics Covered - IT, Computer, Internet, Blogging

Income Source - Adsense, Affiliate Marketing

Alexa Rank - 34,881

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