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Best Tempered glass for phone

Top 6 Different Types of Tempered Glass.

The taffon is one such thing that helps to protect your phone and strengthen your phone. Today we have talked about such tempered glass.

Most of people using tempered glass on mobile for screen protection.

(6) High clear tempered glass :

High quality tempered glass means protect against there scratches that can make your tempered glass looking dull and worn. In the high clear tempered glass you get oleophobic coating who keeps fingerprints and smudges away for a clear vision of your phone's screen. This glass is slim and durable profile protect your mobile without adding bulk or  keeps your case from improper fitting. This tempered glass come with excellent screen sensitivity.

(5) 3D Full covered glass:

In now days most of mobile comes with little curly edges and simple glass doesn't fit properly.  Therefore 3D full covered glass of is hot bending on the edges of the tempered glass. 3D curved glass is high demanding because it's retaining wear resistance, hydrophobic oleophobicity, high transparency, simple disassembly etc. So, glass can fully wraps on the screen of the mobile.

(4) Anti blue light tempered glass:

The Anti blue light tempered glass is used to reduce the damage of eyes from blue light. The emerging of screen protection glass on the market, the anti blue light tempered has the function of fingerprint elimination, scratch proof, sterilization and most distinctive feature is blue light blocking. The anti blue light protection tempered glass can kindly reduce the simulation of blue light to the eyes , the blue light protective tempered glass also reduce ultraviolet rays. Uv reflection caused to skin spots, chloasma and other problems. 

(3) Privacy protect tempered glass

Whenever we used mobile some people always watching our every moment, password or some secret files in the mobile are not everyone intended to seen by others, but usually playing outside the mobile, others can see the contents of the mobile, it is very uncomfortable. The highlight of this tempered glass is protect your privacy. By utilising the principles of light refraction, the mobile screen can only seen at a 90° degree front view. The smaller degree the brightness, less visibility and effective protection to you. 

(2) 2.5D silk screen tempered glass

Original Silk screen tempered glass may be a synthetic tempered glass made from straight tempered glass at the sting with plastic or other aluminum alloy, which may prevent the sting of the tempered glass from being damaged. However, the disadvantage is that it can't be bent, and therefore the whole may be a straight effect, but the colour are often colorful. The silk screen tempered glass is characterized by self-adhesive, high-quality anti-static adsorption glass, which makes the merchandise easy to suit and disassemble, easy to work , will automatically absorb the fit screen, and can also be repeatedly fitted.

(1) Matte tempered glass:

Matte tempered glass surface is little rough, it is quitly tough to leave the fingerprint on screen tempered glass, because it is my personal favourite tempered glass and many users liked to used matte tempered glass. So, the matte tempered glass is far less than high clear tempered glass and reducing some brightness level of mobile, especially in the sun light conditions. In the dark light conditions, many times mobile in auto adjust the brightness to maximum to minimum. If you like to playing pubg or cod then you like to playing on matte tempered glass.

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