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Everthings You Learn to know About Create Amazon Affiliate program

Everything You Need to Know About the how to create Amazon Affiliate(step by step)

Many people have heard about the affiliate market, but they do not know how to create an account on it, but today we will talk about how to start amazon affiliate market.

You can earn lakhs from this by creating an account, for this you will have to get a product sale only, instead you will get a commission.

•Here you have to follow step by step.

1..visite the amazon associate page and loging with standard amazon account. join now free.

3.Enter your account information.

4.Enter your website/blog address.

5.Enter your preferred id. 

6.Explain how you drive traffic your site.

7.Enter your phone no.

8.add account details.

9.create Affiliate link.

10.sare this link in your social media.

You have to follow 4 things.

1. Create the App, Websites, blogs, etc.

If you want successful affiliate marketer then you must have an active on website, apps, blogs, Facebook group, instagram pages and youtube channel. It's also help you the pre populated website. So, you have firm idea of why you creating your website, then audience will target you and you will bring the traffic.

2. Searching for amazon associate.

Click on associate site

After you click on join Now for Free

Then you come on new page after you will click on create the new account. Then fill your details in this page then you click on create your Amazon account.  After some time you will get OTP. 

3. Fill the details on it.

On this, you have to give your personal details such as your bank details, website details and more......

4.sare this link in your social media.

When all your processes are done, later you have to complete this link in your friends groups and your social media.

Whenever a person will buy anything from your link, you will get some commission.

Once you read the rules and regulations of amazon affiliate.

When you have completed all this stuff, follow this step later.

-search amazon affiliate market on google.
     Click a join now a free.

Enter your account details.

Here you have to fill up your name, phone no, adress all this stuff.

Enter your website/App address.

Enter your Website/App URL Here you have to enter website url,apps,youtube channal...etc

Enter your preferred store ID.

Enter your preferred store ID (usually the same as your primary website name), explaining which websites your website can sell.

Explain how you get traffic on your site

This is where the traffic comes from and you have to show how much traffic comes.

And here select how many unique visitors are visite in your website or apps.

And have heard about your affiliate market, tell them.

•Enter your phone number

Here you add your phone number and click on Call Now, after which the 4 digit OTP is to be filled.

Choose your payment method.

Choose whether to enter your payment (credit card) and tax ID information in now or later. Then proceed to your dashboard.

Generate affiliate link.

When you complete the whole process, generate the link later and do it in your social media and here you also get the option of weekly, monthly summari.

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