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Add me to search:how to make virtual name card

What is Google Add me to search and How And how to make it.

Google add me to search

Ever one wants that when his name is searched on Google, then his photo will come in Google search and with information related to his work, but till now it is only information of famous people like film stars, CEO of big companies, businessman  Google comes in search.  But now everything is about to change because Google launched the 'Add me to search' feature in India, with the help of this, anyone can submit information about themselves on Google.

What is Google Add me to search?

Everyone must have seen the visiting card now, it contains the main information about a company or a person.  Such as his name, contact details and information about his work.  In the same way, Google India has launched a new feature called People Card and with its help any person can submit information about themselves on Google and it looks exactly the same way.

For example, when you search on Google on the name of someone on Wikipedia, the information about it looks like that on Google.  For example, if you search narendra modi name on Google, you will also see an info box on the side.

How to create your Google People Card(step by step).

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Now you type 'Add me to search'.

3. There is a button named Get Started, click on it.

4. Here your photo and name will come from direct Gmail.

5. Write a little information about your work here.

6. Link your social media profile.

7. Verify your phone number.

8. Save the card.

Advantage of Google add me to search.

This will increase your brand reputations.

Like big influencers, your profile will also appear on Google.

Information about you with your name will appear on the Internet.

Your social media followers will increase.

Traffic to your website will increase.

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